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Effluent Treatment Plan (ETP)

  • Fully Computerized warehouse
  • Automatic Storage and Retrieval System 
  • Fire and earthquake protection:
  • state of the art fire extinguishing system
  • ground and structure are constructed to be
  • secure even during heavier earthquakes
  • humidity level maintained at 70%
  • temperature maintained at 28°C
  • Can do all types of physical test and some chemical test.
  • Do all internal test in this lab both for fabrics & trims

Fully Automated

Production Lines.

Started Hanger System production line.

Assigned floor wise dedicated IE & Technical team.

🞂​  Setting up conveyer production lines

🞂​  Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

🞂​  Increase productivity in an innovative & efficient way

Accordion Content
Accordion Content
Accordion Content

Oval Printing
Flatbed Printing
Table Printing
Sublimation Printing
Rotary Printing
Digital Stop Printing

SensELAST sportswear combines an active lifestyle with maximum comfort. Muscles in determined areas are additionally compressed to achieve the best results and push the limits. This functionality is realized through the design, making SensElast sportswear a fashionable and essential companion for athletes.

Senselast Function :

A)Provide good support/stabilize of muscle, minimize risk to get   muscle hurt during sporting.

B)Maintain power of muscle through compression by reducing the   unnecessary vibration of muscle during sport activities.

  1. c) Compression increases circulation for improved recovery and

reduced muscle stiffness post-exercise

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